The Luximia Values

Absolute Purity

At Luximia, our promise to you is to never use any kind of chemical additives, fillers or toxic preservatives on our products. Our products are, and always will be Certified Organic and 100% Pure. Most of the so-called "natural" skin care products on the market are actually filled with plastic, fillers and all kinds of nasty stuff we don't want on our bodies. That's where we are different. When you order from us, you can trust that you're getting the absolute purest, the best that our mother nature has to offer.

Uncompromised Quality

For many, being "natural" and "organic" means just a label on a product. For us it's a way of life. We go above and beyond to source the most effective super-ingredients we use to formulate our products. Unlike the most, we will never use fillers or lower our ingredient quality for a cheaper production cost.

Radical Simplicity

Our dream is to see a future where everyone can read an ingredient label and fully understand what they’re putting, and what they’re NOT putting on their skin. We only use the fewest possible ingredients that pack the greatest value, without any of the extra fluff. 

Holistic Well-Being

We view beauty as a part of holistic wellness, the balance of body, mind and spirit. We believe that when you feel good, are healthy in your body and mind, and love yourself, that’s when you are beautiful. For that reason, we focus our products on giving you as much health benefits as possible, not just short term results.

Love For The Earth and Animals

We want to do our part in saving this beautiful planet from the still increasing consumption and pollution. We always make sure to source our ingredients from our suppliers the ethical and sustainable way, and we’ll never ever test our products on animals.


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